Like any other student, you were sure, at some point; you would have to write a research paper. You are now wondering how you will spend long hours doing research and putting in lots of effort to see yourself succeed in the end.

Do not get pressured, and neither should you get stressed over the matter of producing a compelling research paper. In this guide, we describe all you need to know to write a research paper fast without struggling. Keep reading for more useful and creative insights.

How long does it take to write a research paper?

Writing a good research paper depends on different elements because different research papers have different requirements.

For instance, a complex topic will take more time to do research than an easy-to-comprehend topic. Also, based on the requirements and guidelines set by the institute or the professor, you can take less time or more time crafting a research paper based on these elements.

Can you write a research paper in a day?

Although not ideal, any focused person can handle and finish a research paper within a day. Since it is a tough task, you need to organize yourself well, determine the time you have and the resources you need for the research and avoid any possible distractions.

So, if you are searching for how to write a research paper in a day, ensure you have everything in place, and you will be good to go.

How to write a research paper quickly

You are probably late, and you are searching for how to write a research paper fast to ensure you meet the deadline while producing a high-quality paper. Don’t worry. The following last minute research paper tips will come in handy, and you will produce a perfect paper on time:

  1. Understand the assignment requirements

Before any step, take time to understand the assignment guidelines and requirements to ensure you follow the next steps accurately. It could hurt if you finish a research paper only to realize you need to start afresh because you missed the point.

  1. Select a topic

Should you have a topic already decided by the tutor, then move to the next step. However, if you have the option of selecting your topic, brainstorm different ideas until you settle on a topic that interests you and a topic that is researchable. A good topic will enable you to write a research paper fast.  

  1. Perform research

Next, review quick, easy-to-use, and credible sources as you do your research since you are in a rush to finish your paper.

  1. Write thesis statement

At this point, you have your topic and research sources to use. Now, create a compelling thesis statement that sums up the details of your paper in a single sentence.

  1. Create your research paper outline

With everything in place, do not start the writing process yet. The best way how to write fast is to create an in-depth outline, highlighting the information you intend to include in each section of your research paper.

  1. Write the final draft

From your outline, you can now write the final paper for submission. Depending on your preference, you can write the main body, then the conclusion, and finally the introduction. Feel free to use a criterion you prefer.

  1. Cite the sources

Do not submit your paper minus citations. Based on the tutor’s guidelines, it can be APA, MLA, or Chicago style. Whichever it is, ensure you cite correctly.

  1. Proofread and edit

Finally, you cannot submit your research paper without reviewing it. Take some time, and proofread as you correct possible errors and typos. If possible, you can get someone else to proofread your paper before you submit it.


Are you in a rush to handle your research paper? Are you stuck in the middle of writing your research paper? Try the processes as highlighted in this guide, and you will have an easy time with your paper.

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