Tips on How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper

Once you start advancing your career levels, you can be sure to write several research papers before you complete your course and graduate. Writing a good academic paper begins once you have a topic. However, figuring out the first few sentences is the hardest part of writing a compelling research paper. That is why in this guide, we give you helpful insights on how to start a research paper through incredible opening paragraphs.

What is a research paper introduction?

While it may sound obvious that an introduction is the contents placed at the beginning of a paper, there are elements you should learn when starting a research paper to bring out an incredible introduction that will captivate the reader’s attention.

A good research paper introduction, therefore, should consist of the following:

  • The scope of the topic you are researching about
  • The background details of your research paper topic
  • The significance of your research paper topic in relation to your course

The introduction you create covers more details about your topic, yet in a simplified manner. Therefore, while the introduction carries the weight of your research paper, it is always shorter than other sections of the paper. That is why it is important to learn how to begin research paper, giving the other sections a smooth flow of ideas.

The importance of a research paper introduction

Writing a compelling introduction to your research paper isn’t basic but a must. Although your paper already has the title, the reader cannot comprehend the kind of information you intend to convey throughout your paper, and that is where the introduction comes in. Your research paper introduction will, therefore:

  • Define the elements of your topic to the reader
  • Give the reader reasons to read through your research paper
  • Give a roadmap of what is in your research paper
  • Hook the reader, making them want to find more details

Six components of how to introduce the topic for a research paper

Although different research paper introductions are unique in different ways, the following is a standard criterion for writing an approved research paper introduction:

  1. Topic overview

Give an overall overview of your topic before narrowing it down to the specific subject, as you mention the questions and problems you need to address in your research project.  

  1. Prior research

Highlight details of both old and modern scholars, showing the reader that you understand the prior research on the same concept as you introduce past findings to someone who doesn’t have information on the topic.

  1. A rationale for your paper

Give details of why you need to do the research on the given topic, connecting current problems with already existing theories where possible. This will give the reader interest in reading through your paper.

  1. Highlight the methodology you used

Give a highlight of the processes you underwent to make the paper incredible. Start by addressing the goal and issues you will address in the paper, then explain the processes you underwent to accomplish the research. Remember to explain why you chose the given methods.

  1. A thesis statement

Once you are done with your main introduction, finish with a thesis statement. A thesis statement sums up the details of your paper in a sentence. Keep your thesis statement short, clear, and precise. Besides, choose a thesis statement that addresses the issues or problems with your topic

  1. An intro paragraph outline

Are you wondering how to end an introductory paragraph? Well, sum up your introduction with a detailed outline, describing the sections and details you intend to cover throughout your paper. This highlight will give your reader an easy time understanding what to expect after every given section of your research paper introduction.


While a sample introductory paragraph can give you a clear process to follow when writing the introduction section of your research paper, it is equally important for you to understand the basics and elements that make up a good introduction to your research paper. If you ever have doubts about how to arrange the research paper’s introduction section, the details in this guide will clear all your doubts. Simply follow an apply all the elements described in this write-up.